A passionate archer
Frank Steinnagel

For several years Frank Steinnagel has been practicing archery in various disciplines with remarkable success both at home and abroad. The highlights of his career speak for themselves. Frank Steinnagel's track record includes the following achievements:

21 x German Champion
3 x New german record
2 x European Champion
2 x World Championship title

Frank Steinnagel is a member of the archery division of ETUS Wedau in Duisburg. He does, however, have to pay expenses for his equipment, travel, etc., by himself. That is why, for example, he was unable to participate in any championships in 1997.

To enable him to successfully defend his 2000 world championship title next season, he has to rely on financial backing. His multiple press-covered appearances on radio and TV, combined with extensive and regular reports in the daily press, open up promising advertising opportunities for interested sponsors.